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We represent both commercial clients and individuals in all proceedings and transactions that deal with real property... land and the structures attached to it including: purchase and sale, construction, leases, quiet title actions, closings, and management.

Residential &

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Real estate contracts, property ownership, transfer of title, breach of contract, landlord tenant issues, security deposits, housing discrimination, leases, rental agreement, sales agreements, home purchase, home sale, mortgages, private mortgage insurance (PMI), contractor disputes, construction contracts, remodeling contracts, home warranties, deeds, quitclaim, homeowners' associations, condominium associations, neighbor disputes, zoning laws, eminent domain, oil rights, mineral rights and easement

Land Use & Zoning
We have experience in matters relating to zoning and land use. We have appeared before the appropriate administrative entities in order to argue our clients' cases for changes in designated real property status. We also have experience with use variances, special use permits, condemnations, and many other administrative land use matters.

Mortgages & Foreclosures
At Rowan Law Offices, we help many clients establish relationships with lenders, prepare and review mortgage documents, and perform any necessary filing. When matters need special attention, we are there to lead our clients through foreclosure proceedings. We make it a point to stay abreast of all the changes in related laws so our clients receive the best services.

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